Saturday, 24 September 2011

Sunny Saturday..?

Yeah, worse than this..

Every time I see the MSN homepage this last few days it has been bleating on about the 27 degrees we're all going to have this weekend, 'break out the barbecues', 'dust down the deckchairs'.... yeah right..

... real wet (and I mean wet) mizzle / drizzle stuff what is the great thing about the south west micro climate again?


  1. Bet that burnt off to reveal a wonderful 'hot' cornish september day......surely it didn't stay like that ALL day AGAIN did it?????

  2. Must be honest, it was a pic from Uncle Bill's visit, taken looking down towards Mousehole from Paul.. and yes, both times it did improve later! As my step-Dad used to say.. 'Eveing crowned the day'


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