Tuesday, 6 September 2011


.. was always a favourite song of mine from David Bowie's Hunky Dory album, I think in 1973.   My pal Teddy had it and I heard it a lot that summer before Mum and I left Penberth for the 'city of 2,000 people and streetlights', this being Phil's description of Mousehole when he sold it to me alongside a teenage life with him as a step-dad! 

Needless to say, that and a bus to town every 15 minutes, rather than every 4 hours as was the case 'out Buryan way' had me singing from the same hymn-sheet. (And that in itself reminds me of my favourite poignant service for Rogation-tide, Sunday of the Sea which we had always travelled to Mousehole to celebrate with Phil and his first wife Sally, many times when I was a kid and even when Dad was alive.. they knew each other from local fishing and sometimes tied boats gunnel to gunnel and shared an 'out-sea' croust break)

Anyways, as those who really know me will be thinking.. I digress... changes.. well it's all change here this week.   JB started college today, a mixture of trepidation at new beginings (not something she or I relish until it's done!) and pleasure at not being restricted by uniform and unpopular subjects.

Kate returns to school for her GCSE years tomorrow.. hopefully dance and childcare will make the basic subjects a little more bearable.  Where either of them will finally settle will be one fo those unknowns until , we hope, someday things just click!

Even Lilly has had a hair trim and new shoes and coat, looking all the more like the cutest thing from TV's 'Outnumbered' as she moves on to part time school.

Zac, well his life is more or less settled now til 2016...that sounds forever doesn't it.. well he spent his 19th birthday settling into Maritime College, training to be a cruise ship deck officer.   It's hard on all of us getting used to him not being around, so far it's like an extended weekend away, but somehow I think the 3 month trips at sea next year will be a little easier once we get used to him being 5 hours away.. 

I went to scrapbooking last Saturday, it was a nice way to spend the day after he had left.. so I payed small tribute to  recent weeks and made his summer of 2011 the picture theme for a beer mat mini-album.  I had mats originally in the shape of a cocktail glass but once primed they made the perfect fishy shape for what was a marine theme, so many pics this summer of fishing, boating, his holiday in Ibiza (where superyachts were more impressive that the all night clubs!) and then our last few days at home.. eating and drinking and just being us!

I think my favourite page..


  1. Must be the season for changes - or maybe we are just sharing the same changes this year!! xx

  2. ...mmm, guess it's our age.. eh? and luckily the doc tells me it's not a medical one just yet!

  3. blogspot needs a 'like' button xxx


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