Sunday, 25 September 2011

Linking in..

.. to Karen's photo ... looking out a family portrait in my Picasa gallery...wonder what I'll find. It's near on impossible to get one of us all together and lots I've posted before..

b4 photoshop!

...this one is a jumble of fun though, not really very well organised (and Jordan had to photoshop the legs behind out), but is of my Col and all but one of the kids. Lisa complained when I used a similar one as screen saver, or was it a desktop.. well, to be fair Jordan tried photoshopping her into it, but as the pic was of her lying on a bed, it was very funny... okay, so you had to be there!

I realised this week that I haven't scrapbooked any photos from our original Maldives trip, when all the kids came, maybe as the pics aren't digital and to be honest, not as nice.. but I should do some..


  1. What a great photo and you'd never know you'd photoshoped the background! I wish i knew how to do it!

  2. thanks to my Jordan.. all gobbledy gook to me!

  3. Nice to see the clan together Kathi- funny how your family photo and mine have something in!! xx

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