Saturday, 10 September 2011

51 is the new 50 . . ?

Whilst I can hardly say my 50th birthday went past unnoticed the fact that Zac and I spent half the day on trains to and from Cardiff meant we had a kind of wearied celebration on our return. Col and I went away later in the year but I have always kind of felt like I should have marked the passing of 50 years with a more family gathering kind of occasion.

Well as those of you who really know me can vouch, I am not an early kind of person and perhaps in this case a whole year behind!  A few weeks ago Colin's Uncle Bill said he was going to be in the country and hoped to come visit, and sure enough it was over my birthday weekend!  I didn't make much of a deal of it, kept it kind of low-key and amazingly the last few days have been the perfect kind of family weekend. . a kind of Cornish equivalent to an Indian wedding I reckon!

Lisa and her family were going to a wedding so they came by Thurs eve, introduced their latest addition and generally hung out . . I had some great gifts, books and DVD and also a trip to see the Vagina Monolgues with two of my girls. . our first family girlie event really ... my they are all growing up. . proper presents and you xxxx

Well last eve Col's brother and co. came down to see Uncle Bill and we had a big curry night. . Iwas aided and abetted by Ross' April who has recently had the Jones family 'baptism of fire' and appears to have come through unsinged... though onion chopping brought a tear to her eyes!   Then we had cake from JB and I got a clutch of great pressies. . a set of luggage? No, it was a very cool black craft baggage set and inside some great papers, letters and plenty of inspiration. . it seems Uncle Bill took pics through the whole purchasing event so there's a layout or two in just that. . .. and as they say it is the day to day moments you scrap whch make it so special.

Bedtime, late on at 2am was also a nice surprise.. go on.. guess.. No!... My Col bought me Samsung tablet and I wrote this entry on it.... while listening to the Top 30 from September 1973.. everything from 'All the Way to Memphis' and 'You Can Do Magic' !! (a momentous year, my last summer in Penberth and 13 years old, a real right of passage..

(mmm, Mandy, looks like I'm a lucky little Princess too!) doubt Uncle Bill has pics of this event to follow!

PS Most amusing gift.. a plaque from Jordan...

'Remember, as far as anyone knows.. we are a Normal Family'

PPS Have had great calls from Zac too, sounds like he's having a great settling in time, and we'll see him soon.. if all the excitment of the Boat Show, ship visits and paintballing allow!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, glad you are having a fantastic time and being thoroughly spoilt - well deserved.xx

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  3. Hey Kathi, sorry this is late....but happy birthday! Another spoilt princess, we should start a club! Alfie has started a blog....check it out for more cute pics. X


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