Friday, 9 April 2010

Time to reflect.

Well the week is done and dusted, we got through three work days after the epic journey home and the weekend is here!  We left Kuramathi at 4am UK time Monday and arrived in London 9pm, but it was 4pm the next day before chilly damp Newquay welcomed us home.. flip flops and cut off jeans were not quite the order of the day... but there is a promise of sun all weekend, and Zac already notched up a fishing trip today, so I guess summer is coming (cue a snow shower mid April asfamous last words kick in!)

Fab fab holiday, revisiting is soo good when you don't relish change like me (and at least a couple of the kids), we were relaxed as soon as we landed and the two weeks didn't fly by too fast.  I had so many blogging phrases and thoughts in my head, wish I had written them down... note to self.. take notebook next time...

Scrapbooking tomorrow so taking some time out to look at the photos and gt some ready for a mini album tomorrow. We managed to flood two of our waterproof cameras, but the cards were still good (phew), so Jordan was the main man where photos were concerned.
(Though yours truly took one above, my man and the crew!)

Lots of stories to tell, or at least blog for prosterity (the kids will be thankful for this one day), but for now a fave little pic to go with the blog below...I love my iPod when we travel, I don't use it much generally, so on a long journey it's like meeting an old friend..

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  1. looking forward to reading all the stories...memories. x


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