Monday, 12 April 2010

Maldives mini-album..

Had a great session at Just Scrapbooking on Saturday.. we made mini-albums from CD wallets and mailers, we all seemed to make hard work of it (as usual) but everyone went home with some fantastic little albums, and again, as usual felt like we'd like to do that again!  Don't know how Linda puts up with us!

I used a lot of the papers and tags / stickers etc from the K&Co. Ocean range, had them for a gift and (like spaghetti) no matter how often I use them, there is still more left. Yvonne used the pink sheets of the same range, but the albums are just so different.

I used photos from our holiday and they were mostly taken by Jordan, so I thought she's like this as a little momento and it'll be nice to send to Uncle Bill, Will & co so they can get a flavour of our trip... even the travelling home.

Mini album
Click on the photo and it will show you the pages.

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  1. Lovely book Kathi, can you bring it next month so I can really see it :) x


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