Friday, 9 April 2010

Bare feet.

How cool are these little beauties?

I generally get a bit of stick for always wearing ear-rings when I'm snorkelling.. so this year I bought these cute little bare feet sweet....x

And wanted to share this nice little photo of JB and Kate, not often Jordan is on the other side of the camera... and boy, we both thought how much she looks like me, esp on the right..
..and Kate doesn't look uncomfortable in front the camera or the mirror does she!!



  1. wondered where you'd been!!! pretty girls with lovely figures there! Where on EARTH is Kuramathi??!!

  2. Hi Janice.. far flung Indian Ocean.. we found it quite a few years ago and it has proved a 'get off the world' place we have revisited 'cos it gets us rewired after a heavy 11 months work!

  3. Kathi Kate is just the person I am looking for!!!! You know what I mean....please :):) x
    Must admit I thought it was you in the picture at first.


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