Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Sister layout.

This is the almost finished product.. just a bit of journalling to add.. hey, maybe I should just reprint my blog below?  Used some green rickrack braid, always a favourite of Auntie's  when she made me dresses for Sunday School Anniversary!!

I did the page as part of a double spread, accompanying a Fashion Disaster page I did for Linda's challenge.  Good old Cuttlebug for the labels with hearts, and plenty of bronze ink to distress and vintage it, Linda would be proud!

It was good looking up 'sister quotes', some are really quite fitting, makes you realise how history repeats itself, even skipping a generation now and then!   In Mum's day I guess she was the 'dancer', the two marriages and children, whilst her sister watched, but today Kate is literally the dancer in our family, but I think Jordan would be found with her head in a book or drawing, rather than simply 'watching' !!

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