Saturday, 6 March 2010

All grown up!

A good day today, nothing spectacular to report, but just did lots of things, ticked a pleasurable number of boxes, and just kind of 'had a good day'.

Kate turned 13 today, so effectively we have now ushered all our children into teenage-hood and beyond. 
She is such a 'girl' it was actually quite satisfying to indulge that with a glam bag and lots of bits and bobs for our holiday, everything from Beuno Eggs (very nice) and silly string and eyeliner and bangles.  She spent the day with her girlie pals, they are here 'sleeping over' and we had Indian for easy day on all of us!

JB and I did town this morning, met some faces from my past..(dear Jordan she waited patiently while we gassed... Col and Zac said she should have taken a small fold out chair and an interesting book for such occasions) Out of the blue we met a friend from when Ross & Lisa were young, it was lovely to hear news of her children and also to commiserate with each other about the way our late 40's seems to have heralded an era of caring for our loved ones, and how this is not always an easy transition or a state we have found comfortable.  Despite not spending time together for almost 18 years, we slipped easily into mutual chat, I love that, it's what's nice about living where you belong.. seeing people out of the blue who have shared a bit of your history, no matter how recent or long ago.

Then I met a cousin, I grew up with him, know the names of Chelsea football players of the 60's and 70's because of him, saw him every day for 12 years, but we have barely spent an hour together in the last 35 years.  But again, the comfort I think we shared in 'knowing' each other was almost palpable.

With me turning 50 this year and Zac coming up 18, it's quite a year really, makes you contemplate your ageing!  Reading a magazine this afternoon, lots of guff about the ageing process, another dig in my ribs that I should eat healthier and do more active things.. surely eating dark chocolate and still meeting Col across a double mattress at least the average amount of times a week is enough?.. well maybe to celebrate my 50th I'll start in earnest.. and they did offer a few yoga exercises you can do in bed.. now there's a place to start!

One thought..... there are few people who would give up the experience, perspective & maturity age has given them for the sake of a younger fitter, body.  What we want is the wisdom without the wilting, which is like having your cake & eating it, without even the bother of baking it first.

....mmmm...JB and I made chocolate fudge cake and I made a big apple crumble, so I guess I have done my share of the baking, trouble is I often eat MORE than my share too!


  1. well Kathi I for one don't think you look nearly 50 at all - so you eat that crumble and fudge cake and enjoy :) xx

  2. Hey Karen.. flattery gets you everywhere.. I'll buy the drinks on tuesday! xx

  3. Linda has already put her order in a VERY LARGE ONE!! Bless her :) x


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