Tuesday, 16 March 2010

How they change!

I wasn't that happy with the stuff I did on Saturday, but when I got home I was dead beat, cold and then hot and very grateful for the chip van which comes to the village on a Saturday. Normally I get my sensible head on, for just a token moment, before I succomb to easy-tea, but this weekend it was me shouting 'Chip Saturday' from the sofa. 

Thought I was sickening for something, but asleep by 10 and a lie in on Mother's Day and I was raring to go again.. well, maybe not rarng, but happy to wander around St Ives for a couple of hours looking for the last minute bits for our holiday.(missed the surf gear sales by about a month I reckon.. bah!)
I found this set of photos and thought it was about time I laid them out...they were taken at a quarry near Delabole where our friends were staying in a teepee, back in October 2008.

Frans has always introduced our kids to some fun activities... camp fires, very traditional camping on Bryher and this time we went boating in the quarry and got to see the teepee and ate fish on a camp fire. 

Kate has certainly rown up in the last 18 months.. but I guess they do between 11 and 13 don't they, and she's had a few growing up experiences in that time too!

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