Saturday, 27 September 2008

More Kate madness..and one from JB

On receiving a two pound coin from a very generous tooth fairy the other night (masquerading as Dad having to prove how much he loved mum, when she remembered the tooth fairy chore just after going to bed!), Kate had a discussion with us about how times had changed and how much a tooth was now worth..
'I used to get a pound from the Tooth Fairy, and then a couple of times I've had the Generous Tooth Fairy who gave me two pounds......ahhh, but my friend has the Only Child Tooth Fairy.....she got five pounds!'

So as she is not left out here is one of Jordan's howlers we must never forget..
Kate wanted twin dollies for Christmas, I managed to go one better and get a set of triplets. Dying to share the achievement with someone who would appreciate the fun (as is my want), I showed Jordan the 3 little dolls in a box.
'Mum', she squeeled, 'Kate wanted twins and you got her TWIGLETS!'

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