Friday, 19 September 2008

Ticked the box..

Kate has just started Secondary School and had to write about one of her achievements (she took and passed a ballet exam last year, she only started in Sept, aged 10). She also had to say what she would like to achieve in the future.. to start some more dance classes, maybe tap or cheerleading. (quite a committment for us as it involves another night driving / waiting / shopping)
Well I thought it would be nice to make her little dream come true a bit sooner than she'd have hoped, and last night took her along. Dear thing, she looked so chuffed, tall and lithe in her leotard and leggings and the beautiful tap shoes Marie has given her to wear. Watching her move about on the heels she looked a proper lady, and her smile was worth the drive to and from Newlyn.
And the food shop got done as well and no big chore left for the w/e. .. though I'm just glad she's the last of the children, I wouldn't have wanted to be on the Kid's taxi bandwagon for all 5 of them.. (and yes Ross, I WILL come and watch you surf again 22 year old!)

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