Friday, 19 September 2008

Pure musical nostalgia!

Just had to tell you...have been flitting about a lot this morning and twice got in the car to hear the best songs ever from my past...there must be about 50 songs which could fall into this category but the two from today were real raves from the grave...

Dave Edmonds : Girls Talk and then Thin Lizzy : Boys are Back in Town...recently revived to great effect in A Knight's Tale..lovely when our oldies get approval in the kid's world... though I was pleased when Walk the Line was big and we overloaded on Johnny Cash and even the kids were onboard.

Girls Talk was a huge favourite when I was at Uni in Exeter, along with Crazy Little Thing called Love (Queen) and Elvis Costello's Oliver's Army...well that'll date us!

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  1. Oh, my goodness Kathi - you must be older than I thought! Ha! Ha!


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