Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Good friends..and a much missed Mum

(Little pic of Penberth, memories of days to treasure)

Hard to write today, been putting it off the last week or so, but wanted to say a little about how great my friends are.. last week Frans and Lesley from Holland came to Cornwall to celebrate his 50th birthday and it was really good to meet up and spend time together..we all commented about how you know a good friend because you can see them seldom but always pick up right where you left off.

I've also had lots of lovely messages from friends old and new, following Mum's death on September 30th (there, it's written, hard to do, but should become easier each time I say it or write it)

In fact Frans himself called me unexpectedly the week after and my email telling him about our loss had gone astray, but we reckon Mum had begun her work from above getting us in touch that very week. He said she was like his second mum, and we included some of his words in her funeral service....

'I will definitely celebrate her as one of the most remarkable women I ever encountered and I can only hope that we will be able to be as nice, understanding and wise as she was.'

Thanks also to Will and Michele, Linda, Debbie, Trace and Noemi , for their thoughts, notes and kind gestures, they have made me feel loved and cared for at a time when I guess you could feel lonely and afraid.

Oh and the kids, such a tonic on any sad day and little Lilly, evidence of how the family cycle works and what we should be grateful for.

I will write more later, just needed to move on from 'the day' and be back in touch!


  1. Hi Kathy, I thought we had some great moments of sharing your mom's life. I will definately digg in my travel diaries and photo archieve for you. It might take a little while but I photo's and stuff will come for sure. The phrase "time heals all wounds" is just bs. In my opinion it is more what you do with the time to make the wounds heal. Lets celebrate your moms life as she celebrated life her selve :) Franzie

  2. thank you Frans, and I hope the weekend of her funeral, bathed in Cornish sunshine, with so many of us remembering her in her prime, with such fondness, is the begining..x


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