Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Pieces of Me?

As I said I have recently got into scrapbooking, it is my first ever hobby to speak of and I love it.. I think it is related to a desire to do something constructive in response to the sadness and nostalgia I feel with my mum's condition, but I have always loved my photos and remembering the days way back when...

Well this w/e I am doing a layout called Pieces of Me.. and have to write 10-12 statements about me, so I asked the kids.. and Colin.. his was unprintable but really quite flattering, the kids were generally sweet, but Zac said my favourite phrase is 'Could someone just...', this means they all get out of it cos no-one is called Someone!! Colin tries hard to make me more assertive, but sadly if it worked it would probably only work against him in the long run!

I visited Mum this morning and spent some time just sitting with her and trying to talk about when she was young, just in case she understands more than it seems. On the way home I decided that one of my phrases will be that I am more contented now than ever before.. quite ironic given the situation I find myself in with the exerience of Mum's dementia, but I think it's because I am older and happier with where I am, don't feel the pressure so much to 'do something' or achieve something for everyone else.

... also that I understand now what IT is all about...coming back home to find Lisa here with little Lilly, 2 months old today, a new life to be lived.. and me as Nan playing a supportive role, and loving every minute. Seeing the family grow and the cycle of life has taken on a whole new meaning this past year.


  1. Kathi, you're the middle generation now, between your mum and your daughter and grand-daughter and you've realised the special place that you hold in life.
    Cherish each and every moment with your loved ones and make sure you record it all on your scrapbook pages. I'll look forward to seeing the end results!

  2. PS. I'm going to test you on your knowledge of the History Of Tractors in Ukranian!

  3. You write well Kathi, I'm sure your work with your phrases will be fab - get working on adding images so I can take a look!


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