Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Still weary!

Amazingly we are all still very weary after the holiday... I can hear the groans of non-sympathy coming thick and fast! Every evening come 9pm we seems to get the most incredible weary on... hence the snoring from Kate and Colin Christmas night when we were trying to play 'Friend's Scene It' ( long awaited ourchase which was rather a disappointment and will be on e-bay nex Nov for sure...)

The dog has been returned to his rightful home, turns out he had followed Ross part of the way home a few weeks ago when he was out jogging... if only he had looked at the pup last night he may have recognised it... took the people who own it to 'devine' their way to finding him.. but as they say, that's another story.

I'm also finding it hard to get excited about food preparation... or eating in itself to be honest... there's so much of it about and added to two weeks of all inclusive it has kind of beaten me... though it does seem a waste of good chocolate to set a New Year's Resolution just yet to 'give it up'!! (see the pathetic willpower there.. non existant!)  So we have had cheese and bread, some fish and all kinds of excuses fir real meals since we got home.. just hope I can conjure up some more appetite as we plan the food and drink for the party Saturday... hah, imagine, everyone arrives and gets handed a packet of crisps and a beer.. dear Uncle Bill, he would think that was so English! .. but it wouldn't do my reputation as a domestic goddess of some proportions any good... or should that read #domestosgoddess as used by Sarah Millican on twitter tonight?

Well, off to play taxi now.. I was given a coaster for Christmas...reading 'My kids drive me crazy : I drive them everywhere else.....'


  1. Can't resist saying - jet lag is a killer!! x

  2. ahhh, shame about the puppy - he wanted to be yours!!! Merry Christmas Kathi.

  3. mmm, it seems he has gone AWOL from his house before and another family down the road were hoping they could keep him too...at least next time we'll know where he came from.. crazy pup x


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