Monday, 26 December 2011

So that was the day that was...

...despite most of us being dead beat by 9.30pm it was a great day...  just the right mix of fun, food and family.  Everyone being a little older now the stockings (yes, still stockings!) were opened in quite an organised fashion after each person had given their presents... some great thoughts from the kids these days... everything from clockwork meerkats to touchscreen friendly gloves..oh and the ubiquitous chocolate and alcohol!

Talking of alcohol I had a laugh with the kids... usually 'Santa' leaves a can of fun sized coke in the stockings, but this year he took a new slant... everything froma  mojito kit to a shot of vodka in a tin!  hic! I had lots of port and Col a whole array of wines from our newly qualified wine waiter!

Lisa, Tom and the girls came by and we had a super brunch, mostly everyone had cooked but I had croissants and lemon curd (not just lemon curd ... but M&S lemon curd!)... I usually have honey but Ross had fed it to poorly April while we were away..and lemon curd is my new honey. 

Lilly was funny, a bit overwhelmed.. last year she knew exactly what to do to a present.. unwrap it, regardless of who's it was; but this year she just wanted to give them to everyone else.   We gave her a doctors coat and bag and it was a great hit, Zac played super Uncle and had plasters and sore fingers, the whole lot. 

He even got himself a white coat to confuse her... not great pics but nice memories..

The afternoon was lazy and having no turkey to cook we were very laid back, in fact we almost plumped for bread and cheese but roast did win the day eventually.  We all agreed that the brunch was the funn-est part of the day... kids make Christmas, and next year Lyla will be well switched into the whole festivities!  I can see that a new cooker will be a welcome addition in the years to come if the family grows at the same rate over the next ten years..!

Lovely hour in the evening chatting with Michelle who called from the US, such a good chance to catch up, she had read the blog to get a jist of the latest news so we could concentrate on the important ssues... like visiting Italy, family news and plans for the next two

Well there is a veggie curry on the menu tonight.. and I'm the chef, so I'd best get chopping...more news and the promised holiday blog notes when I can get a run at it one evening... xxx

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  1. Glad you all had a great day and enjoyed yourselves. good to see you blogging as well, though you have some catching up to do. I'm on a roll or something like that!!


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