Thursday, 29 December 2011

Day 5 : 11 December.. I think! hic!

Ooops, turns out it was today I discovered the B52's .. see, three days in and I've lost track.. and this is 'after' the event, with notes to help!!

More sunning, eating and just general lazing about in between, though Colin manages to relax best of with a daily snorkel or two...

I got settled into my first book and have finished it today... Anita Shrive's 'Change of Altitude' It wasn't bad but I left it there in the 'library' as not a book I'm too desperate to keep, it was based in Kenya and just didn't grip me like some of her others.

Jordan for her part got busy with her henna tattoos...this is how they look 'before' they have set and leave a lovely pattern for about a week. Some Asian women on honeymoon have the most intricate hand or foot tattoos, I love them.. (as you can see by the pic at top of the blog..)

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