Monday, 5 December 2011

Happy Birthday JB!

I still have to work out the camera on my new phone so pic will follow but thought I'd start the day nice and early marking Jordan's driving milestone.. yes, 17 years old today. Ahhh, it takes you back, a child's birthday, to those days which may otherwise have gone by unnoticed or at least uncelebrated. 

About the closest to a pic she will be happy to see here!
But maybe not on her birthday, we had just completed the building works on our 'upstairs' on our bungalow in Goldsithney and the carpets were due to be laid this morning at 10am.  Jordan snuck into our world about 8am that morning, it was just great, 'born at home' a super baby sister... and we only had to delay the carpet fitters by an hour or so!

Similarly today in celebrated not in big-style but unusual.. yes, you can tell, me blogging at 7am!! Kate and her friend had to be at the school coach at 6am for their daytrip to the Clothes Show in Birmingham, so it was an early start for me.  I hate trying to get back to sleep for what will turn out to be a fitful 45 minutes, so the ironing board and blogger fingers have had their moment already today.

Not sure where the last two weeks have gone.. now let me see:
... a Saturday scrapping (much needed 'get off the treadmill hours),
... a weekend of Zac at home (much enjoyed top up on his news and just having him here),
... a few sessions of teen-angst (mmm, the less said about those the better..all I know is it's a good job this isn't an anonymous blog because it could have been titled 'the twelve hours of mother's rantings' but (and she holds thumb and forefingers in 'O' shape and hums) we will stay tranquil for the purposes of this missive!,
... plenty of Christmas shopping followed by two whole afternoons of wrapping, accompanied by pre-December Christmas music... just about allowed.
..a sprinkling of decorating for Christmas, aided and abetted by some now well-trained offspring who know exactly where I like the bits to be, with the odd variation on the theme which in actual fact has not caused the world to spin off its axis or anything..(take those green and blue baubles on the tree in my 'always red accented' sitting room...well, they were new baubles (Next sale last January!!)
..oh and the mental distractions of both being real busy in trolley world (customer visits to us requiring new painted floors and tidy offices, new exports to countries which can't even read our paperwork) and planning to get away on holiday.

... is that excuse enough for not writng the past two weeks, and I'm sure there is a whole host of other stuff we got up to which has not made the list. (feeling a little Regggie Perrin here, thinking up excuses for being late... hippopotamus on the line.. or was it leaves?)

So, there we are.. it isn't looking likely at all that I shall be able to follow Karen or Janice in the Advent blogging stakes, journalling my Chrstmas, though you never know what a few hours on a plane can do for my understanding of mobile blogging.. and at worst I can resolve to blog my 12 days of Christmas having had our fortnight of VitD replenishment and sealife sightings ...ahhh, swimming in a sweetjar is only 72 hours away.....

The first 17 years?


  1. what a great blog and it must seem only 5 minutes since Jordan arrived and now she is nearly of voting age. Have a great holiday my dear.
    love and hugs

  2. Where did the time go, JB there and Amanda will be there 5 wks tomorrow.

    Have a smashing time and see you when you get back. xx

  3. that brings up a pretty image - swimming in a sweetie jar!! Have a bloody good hols - indulge away.


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