Thursday, 29 December 2011

Day 2/3 : 8-9 Dec

Well we lost about 5 hours there somewhere and arrived at Male airport, it almost feels like home  now, after six visits before, though it is expanding all the time.  Whilst waiting for our boat transfer to Kuramathi Kate and I realised we were in the background of some people's photos, so, true to form, couldn't just let it go, I waved!

Soon enough we were in conversation with a great lady from Male who was there to see her sister leaving for a month in Bangalore, India where she was going to have IVF treatment. We chatted about that, life in Male and the Uk and the common world of Facebook.  By the time Kate looked at her Fbk in two days she had been added to their profiles....awhhh.

Settled in and enjoyed seeing the changes the island have instigated, all for the betterment of the island itself and for their economy and their patrons.  The girls shared a Graden Villa for a few days and we had a Beach Villa three doors away and they moved next door 3 days later.

In the evening we met up with some of the bar guys who had returned after being at home for a year or so, getting married, having children..and we joked that the Fung Bar is as close to a 'local' as we have.. the guys know our names and what we like to drink, and we go there on a 'semi-regular basis'... well more than the three times in 14 years we have been to the village pub!
Not a bad view from our 'local'

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