Friday, 1 May 2009

My default face!

It's a secret yet so I can't put a pic on here until after Saturday...but I promised Linda that I would do a 'me page' for our group album...we have kind of lapsed a little and were not sure who's turn it was, so I said I'd have something done for Saturday.

Always hard to make pages about myself, I have lots of photos, some I like, others I loathe (and generally delete before public viewing.. these normally give a true and accurate depiction of my belly, but who wants that eh?) ....and it's always easier focussing on someone else anyway isn't it! So after some thought I have made the page up and tried to give a flavour of what / who I am and also the kind of scrapping I produce. It's turned out nice as I have..... well, wait & see.

I can however tell the story of my 'default face'...It seems I have an expression which I have when thinking or listening, (or perhaps not listening), which Linda says it is unnerving as it makes her feel like I am thinking 'this is rubbish' about whatever is happening...I promise it's not, I blame it on the fact that I am normally so noisy / animated / gossiping that it is so unusual for me to be still!

The amazing thing is that it is only Linda who has ever mentioned this 'look', I was fact my eldest daughter apparently has the same look at times and for two decades I have been blaming the out-lawed side of the family for it!

Anyways...on the way home from holiday Jordan took a photo of me.. and I swear it is proof of the 'default face'....and being true to self and scrapbooking I didn't delete it..and have even included it in the page..not the main photo (of course), but please, how true can I be!

PS The other sad thing I realised whilst planning the 'me page', was that JB and I spend so much time taking pics, ....her and Col, me and Col, me and Kate, her and Kate, but I have hardly any of us two together...I put it down to the fact that Kate is still joined to me at the hip as I have never had to 'pass her on' to Colin the way you do when you have the next baby!, note to self, have photos taken with Jordan, and encourage Kate to be more independent...however her request to go to Club 2K under-16 night tomorrow at the tender age of 12 and 2 months is almost too soon and too much to bear..but I have agreed and will collect the gaggle of girlies at ten, and revisit the twilight world of taxi-ing the teens!

<< Well okay, just a peek! Prizes for anyone who can spot the backing paper I used..

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  1. Can't wait to see the whole LO :)
    You are braver than me re the night club I said no, then when I finally agreed she didn't want to go any more!!!!!


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