Thursday, 14 May 2009

The family is one of nature's masterpieces....

.......the Quote for today, and how very fitting after the wonderful outpouring of family feeling we have been a part of the past ten days.

Col's lovely mum Jean passed away on 2nd May, after a three year struggle with ill health. She was loved by so many, family, friends and colleagues from near and far and it pains us all to think of his beloved Dad losing his mate of over 50 years. Her dry sense of humour, probably a product of a hard childhood spent in wartime Liverpool , was remembered by lots of people, and Ken says she was 'Simply the Best'

Jean's brother, our Uncle Bill has been here for a week and we have talked so much, late into the nights, and deep inside, but I think we have all grown from the experience, and are thankful for her life and for the fantastic family legacy she has left us with. She and Ken were determined to give Colin and his brother Graham a great start in life and they sure did that!

For me it is so poignant, you feel your position in the family changing and growing as these experiences come and go, like last year at their Golden Wedding when I presented them with their Anniversary Scrapbook, a tribute to them as Col and I took on the mantle of family party organisers, and became grandparents to little Lilly..... the same album was a great tribute to Jean as we gathered to remember her on Monday, and you feel the same desire to make life as good for your own family, that they will have relationships to treasure and rely on when needed.

Lovely too to take Ken and Bill to St. Levan churchyard yesterday where Mum and Dad are, and place her flowers with them... a truly special place, and aptly at the end of a road, out in God's country..xxxx


  1. an amazing description about nan xxx

  2. So sad to hear that another irreplaceable member of your family passed away this year. Your description about her dry humor was indeed what we remember her from. We hope you all are cooping with this loss. Stick together and share the happy thoughts as a wonderfull family. Give our regards to Collin, Graham and ofcourse Ken. Talk to you soon. Love; Leslie & Frans

  3. Thanks Frans/Leslie,
    the only way is to talk about these people and remember what they have left you with, and smile at the memory and the thoughts..all doing okay, think of you guys often..xx

  4. Kath so sorry to read about your loss, as you say good to talk and remember. x


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