Thursday, 28 May 2009

Lisa says I may have new career?

... as a midwife?!
If you are follower of my story.. all 3 of you!.. you may know that we went to Poland last summer for the wedding of Pawel and Agnes. Well, Pawel works with us and we in the STS office have enjoyed following the story of their pregnancy.. baby is due on 4 June. They have had the usual ups and downs, went for a 4-D scan, so Pawel could check the baby was good looking.. and with 4 weeks to go the 'little Spartan' weighed 7lbs 1oz already.

I just love everything about babies, having been lucky enough to have uneventful pregnancies and 4 home births, (but I think there was more normality to it way back when.. 1986-97!) so I am slightly talking with memories seen thro' rose tinted glasses! ..I reckon boys are always a longer wait, and harder to extract, but the girls are just always in a hurry to get into the world and get at it! (well that was my experience)

So with me giving him my tenpenneth every now and then Pawel has got me on his list as medical fountain of all pregnancy knowledge and now he wants me to go along to the hospital with them....on the day! .. or night he just tells me! I thought it was a joke, but it seems it is the case, and he wants me to be there to 'translate the doctors information into Pawel-speak' so I have said I will be available and consequently have not had even a small port since last Sunday!
(My only real worry is that dear child will decide to make his entrance on 6th June when I have a long awaited extended day at Just Scrapbooking' in Newlyn!..does that just show my love of scrapping or what..)
But I am hoping to be there, getting sorted and finding those special phtos for GlimmerMisting....but right now tidying my scrap room seems to be a bigger job than actually doing the layouts, but how great to have the dumping room eh?


  1. good luck!! I had the most straighforward easy peasy full term textbook pregnancy and then went from no labour to emergency caesarean within a few hours..... Be ready for anything! Enjoy....! xx

  2. I must be sad because I would love to be on the other end of a birth now - do enjoy what must be one of lifes most incredible expreriences.


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