Monday, 6 April 2009


Went to our monthly scrap session at Newlyn at the weekend, it was soooo good, after a scrapping famine for's just really nice to be with other people doing the same thing, and seeing how we all end up with different end results.

The idea this week was to use all those flowers we seem to have accumulated... flowers, ah, that's good I thought cos I took some great flower pics on holiday. Then I started to wonder if it was okay to bling up with flowers even if the pic was of a flower (are you following this?)

Anyway, this is the result, I chose a distressed looking but bright yellow sunny page, chalked some hibiscus and butterfly stencils on and then added a felt border (hibiscus again) and the flowers. Linda had lots of glittery bits which I was desperate to incorporate (just because they were there.. as you do with chocolate... eat it, just because it is there!)... and I used them as a quiet base beneath the flowers, which looked just great once I'd added the Glossy Accents.

Loved it, great day, so satisfying! .. the other pages are still in progress.. but hopeful they will be complete this week.


  1. As always Kathie - stunning, just love those blingy flowers and gutted that I missed out on being there :(

  2. Hi Karen
    Thanks for that. I did really enjoy the results..and missed you too...but Jackie kept your end up!
    Catch you in May I hope,, and enjoying your pics too.. x


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