Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Just had to post a couple of things...had a busy evening and wanted to make a note of some moments which will go un-noticed if I don't write about them here...Quote of the day...Sooooo good.. for sooo many of us..take a minute and see if it's you, and if so, get out of the box you are in, be you, and relax a little!

'Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.'

So I made sure I relaxed a little this evening and finished my Sandbar Sunset pages from the weekend. We used Coredination papers and I had it in my head to use them to replicate the sunset in this great pic of Col and Kate.
Not so sure they are my best pages ever, probably because they are more subtle (than me) than usual! It was good though as I was able to use my new heat gun.... sad but true, my chosen gift for Mothering Sunday!

Oh, and the other bit of news.. I am turning into my Mum.. I made rice pudding this evening, it looks fab, will report on taste tomorrow.. hopefully it will set nicely and be almost slice-able!
Dad and I used to fight over who got to eat the chewy sweet and milky bit from the edge, so I wonder which one of the kids will be me? (I did make it in a pyrex dish, maybe it should have been metal??.. watch this space!)


  1. think we all turn into our mothers in the end...sigh. love the ripped papers on your layout!

  2. mmm, I guess so, and if we are old enough we mind less!

    The papers also got put thro' Linda's Cuttlebug, I would love a 12 inch embosser though! .. x


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