Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mr. Happy

Just in case you are following this..or not..I thought I'd add this photo of one of the inquisitive fish we encountered when we were on holiday. The channels are created to let snorkellers get out over the reef without damaging the coral, they are quite barren and have a base of sand and coral often just deep enough to drag ourselves along (thanks Col for making us wear gloves!)

Zac headed off first , followed by Jordan and me, (Col and Kate still trying to adjust her snorkel / mask / gloves / fins..whatever!) and when you get to the opening it's like arriving in the Secret Garden, deep, sunny, a blanket of corals and fish everywhere like you are swimming in a sweet shop. One particular day Jordan mentioned she had been met by this huge fish as we each reached the end of the channel...and Zac said 'Oh, so you met Mr Happy'. He later said that he gave us a really obnoxious look..good one Zac.

Later the same day we found ourselves snorkelling through an area with 9 or 10 sharks, I'm sure they were circling us (!), but I guess if they were hungry they'd have not be so relaxed looking! Maybe we were in their kitchen? I have video to prove it and will see if I can attch that later but in the meantime........................>>>

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