Sunday, 23 October 2011


I just noticed Karen's photo challenge this week is sport, not something I often encounter, unless of thr verbal kind.. and emailing too, that kind of sporting banter gets me into a fair bit of trouble too.. but I do always think I should do more exercise.. blah blah.

So, no sport image from my camera today....but the day cannot go by without mention of Marco Simoncelli. Breakfast and a cuppa in our bed, settled back down to watch the MotoGP as is our want of a Sunday when it's on...but within minutes the story which unfolded has stayed with us all day, the horrendous crash which took Marco Simonceli's life..he was a personality and a half, a rising star in the highest level of the sport, gladiators every one of them, a tragedy x

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  1. I tried to leave a comment about this the other day but it would not let me.

    I agree this was so sad as you can imagine our house was very upset about it. I felt so sorry for Edwards and Rossi but they could not have avoided him. RIP


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