Sunday, 23 October 2011

Almost there..

October at Just Scrapbooking was great, I took Ross' girlfriend along, she's doing art at Uni and got really absorbed in a layout..amazing the effect some inks and paper can have on you, it's a cross between total relaxation and full mental attention, sometimes I come home exhausted... yeah, like therapy!

The theme was music and incorporated a 45 single, though my kids didn't know what I meant when I said that. Amazing, they won't get having a film processed either will they, just lucky JB is doing photograohy 'A' so she is actually doing dark room work (and loving it)

I worked backwards as I was keen to use the great pics we took out at Logan Rock, the last trip in the boat where Zac and Kate went right into the rocks, I adore it there, it is so majestic and I really do get some kind of recharge from being there, esp on the sea side.

The song was hard to find but I plumped for words from You Raise Me Up..the page has been flattened a bit in my album which is almost full for this year, but hope you get the idea.

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  1. Loving this, the colours and of course the title are great. xx


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