Saturday, 19 March 2011

Loving Ten Second Studio!

I just love having a set of different pictures come together like these. I have often managed to use old and new views of the same places to tell my story and accent the vintage / modern dilemmas in my head!

I have a little to do on these layouts, the B&W pics show the old winch being used by my Dad and pieces of wood in the background because they were in the process of building the new Winch House. And what an event that was with everyone watching, probably on a Staurday afternoon.. unlikley to have been a Sunday!  The colour photo of my Dad shows the old capstan in the background and the landscape pic shows it only a year or two ago, on a Christmas visit.

(Dad, on a summer's day, just before catching the afternoon tide, eating brown bread with a tomato on the side and Cheeko and Mrs Mellonie standing just behind him... footnote for those 'in the know'.. Sarah)

I have held the old photos in with metal corners in case anyone wants copies one day. Carrying through the metal feel I loved the chain and rope effects we could get too.. perfect for my Penberth life! And just how true the lovely quote attached...

And there we have it.. we get back to the reason I started scrapbooking in the first place...Mum had started to have real memory problems and had more or less travelled back to her own childhood, so it seemed marriage and having us kids didn't really figure in the things she really remembered.  I imagined what it might be like if I ever started to forget, if I hadn't written down things about our kids lives, the simple things, the days that came and went, unsignificant, but on our lips each day when chatting. 

And for me, right now, the things I enjoyed and remember from my childhood and the stories I attach to the photos are the ones I enjoy scrapbooking the most....xx

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