Sunday, 13 March 2011

Friends & family.

Lovely weekend, not least of all because I haven't had to cook! Don't get me wrong, I like cooking, but at the end of a working day it is often a chore, so weekends I either go all out and do big soups, roasts and stuff, or opt out altogether.   Yesterday I was on a long scrap day, had a super lunch thrown in (at Tregenna Castle.. mushroom stroganoff) so we had fresh bread and cheese, and today Col brought home Domino's Pizza after an afternoon car hunting for his Dad. 

The scrapbook day was lovely. caught up with some of the girls from the Newlyn crop and also some old & new faces from Linda's weekend. The family are all so good, they have really embraced me doing this, they never moan that I'm not around or that it's distracting me too much... well, I get the odd bit of ribbing and Tom looks sleepy whenever I start talking about it, and our Ben in the office gets me to talk about scrapbooking Penberth on Mondays so I've got it over for the week, but all in all I think I've been hobby-less for most of my life and it is well deserved and well overdue!

We did quite a few new things and whilst I found the hot resin / melting pot embellishments a little fussy for what you get, I fell in love, big-style with the metal work.  I did two layouts, one of Lilly in the daffodils, again loving using other people's photos(!), and the second layout of my Dad at Penberth.  The metalwork is a bit like brass rubbing but I think it could be the to answer my long standing problem of not having an alphabet to title with! (mmm, and Mother's Day coming soon....)

I think I'm going to have to reorganise my albums sometime. Currently I have a Maldives album and the others are organised by the year I did the layouts, but more and more I think they need sorting into vintage / family history and current history.  I must find time too to photograph and update the blog with some of the layouts I've done.. been ages since I got a decent camera out and took pics of them... all talk, that's me.

The 'three L's'came by today and I got to give baby her first bath.. I just love how at a week old they fit so perfectly into a basin..

...meanwhile Nannie's jewelry was a welcome distraction to big-sis!

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