Monday, 30 March 2009

Polish wedding.

Last August Colin and I and some of our friends were lucky enough to travel to Poland for the wedding of our friend Pawel and his wife Agnes. It was a wonderful weekend (barring the RyanAir landings, both of which seemed to happen very suddenly and with an element of hand-brake turn!) and the best (and longest) wedding we can remember.

Pawel and Agnes had been together for ten years and were the last of their friends to tie the knot, so they were sure of a good of our resounding memories is of both fathers revisiting the tables many many times to replenish the vodka stock... and not only the English were victims! Food was in great abundance and the hospitality enormous, and despite our lack of Polish words we managed to have huge laughs and feel genuinely part to the celebrations.
The next day we got up late and at lunchtime did the same again.. lucky for us that Colin and I perfected the art of drinking sparkling vodka...the hard stuff laced with mineral water...whilst Simon kept the English end up and did us all proud with toasts to Dubrovnik.. or was it Vladivostock!?, but we all stopped short of the requested rendition of Yellow Submarine, which incidentally was thought to be the most English song the Polish could think of...what would be our English song then??

Some things about weddings seem to be the same the world over and the cutting of the cake was just the same in Poland as at home....the hair on these little girls was so pretty and this picture was so perfect when later in the year I was composing a 'Through the Window' layout. Trying to get organised for next weekend I felt the page deserved to be finished and here it is...

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