Sunday, 15 February 2009

Take 3 Girls.. and doodle them!

I just loved these pictures of Kate and her bestest mates Georgia and Rosa, taken by Colin when he had them all in overalls and hardhats helping him in the workshop one day when I was Scrapbooking!

When Linda said we were gong to be doodling I wasn't very keen, I kind of like to scrap and cut / stick, rather than have to be personally creative with a pen! But sitting by the fire that evening to finish it off, it was really fun, adding aliases for the girls..Digi, Roja and Kate-lin, and generally filling in the blanks.

Not sure what it was about but I remember there was a series called 'Take 3 Girls' from way back when, and I thought it was a good title...

(note to self, remember to get embossing gun, they make even the oddest items fit the bill!)


  1. Hey ma great to see your blogging going so well, just at Dubai and half way through my 4 hour stop over!
    Home in 16 hours.... yay lol
    love to all and great pictures alround

  2. Love the doodling on this layout Kathi - tres creative!


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