Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Just like Peter Kay!

As if we have waited for the precise moment to accentuate the difference between a week of snow (and now miserable grey days of rain) and a fortnight on a desert island, a stone's throw from the Equator, Col and I are on the verge of booking our trip...some nice jobs have landed with us and at long last, after 2 years or more of waiting, the' time is right' to flit off, so we are .... phoning up, booking it, and ****ing off ' (fans of Peter Kay are smiling now and everyone else thinks I have resorted to my base level!) ...with the 3 youngest in tow, for 2 weeks of much required R&R, much needed for the past 15 months to be precise!
The kids are sooo excited, and I am too, after 10 hours of getting used to the idea (somehow I need to allow myself the time to accept that we should go, that everyone we leave behind WILL be okay and that I also deserve it??.. what is THAT all about) So tomorrow we will get it booked, and in 14 days we'll be wending our way east, passing Ross almost en route back home from Bali...(sorry hon, but what a homecoming we can have, catching up in March after two epic trips!... big eats, and lots of chatter)

P.S. Had a wonderful parcel from Michele in the States today, a sweet card, and some beautiful Stateside scrapping essentials..oh, and a pack of the best Pancake Mix I am sooo lucky to have such thoughtful friends, just a pity we are on opposite sides of the pond....
.....but as Mum always said 'We're as close as the phone'..(and in this Century the internet no less!)

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