Sunday, 14 December 2008

These are the days of our lives..

I chose this Queen song for my music scrap last weekend and really enjoyed working on the LP for the front page..I used greens and oranges in circle shapes to brighten things as I knew I'd have lots of black & white pics.

When I looked through photos I found several old and new ones featuring the same houses at Penberth where Ken & I grew up, and where Dad and his Dad also grew up.

The front page shows the thatched house opposite our home, I hid some other pics of exactly the same spot, and the Penberth Cove sign for the National Trust. On the double layout I used acetates and vellum with the lyrics, the pictures again featured old family photos of Dad & Grandad with colourful pictures of the same spot taken in August when we visited with Colin's Uncle Bill. On the last page I covered a CD with music on vellum and a few new pictures, also one of Kate splashing her feet in Penberth's (always) icey we show 3 generation of my family all on one page.

Mum told me that in the picture of my Dad as a child, he is seen holding a fish, but he didn't like having his picture taken and afterwards hit the photographer with the fish!

..........When we were kids when we were young
Thing seemed so perfect - you know
The days were endless we were crazy we were young
The sun was always shinin - we just lived for fun............

Well away again to Christmas prep... enjoyed the interlude..x

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