Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Yesterday would have been my Mums 83rd birthday and we took the opportunity to celebrate her life and to attend to her last wish, to have her ashes laid with my Dad, her first husband, who died almost 40 years ago.
Just like at her funeral 3 weeks ago we were basked in warm Cornish sunshine; like Mum's easy going nature, a tonic on a stressful day.

Kate and Jordan (11 and 13) came along with Colin & I, and as my brother was at sea, his second daughter Jana came with her 4 year old daughter Beau. Our close and dear friend Hazel Burn, who is a lay reader in the Church of Wales officiated, said some lovely words and prayers. We met in the little church at St Levan and then walked up to the graveside where the funeral director gently placed the exquisite box containing the ashes into a small hole, just beneath the flower pot which had marked my Dad's grave for the last 40 years.

The girls were really great, tears were shed, I felt gratitude and sadness, alongside a feeling of great conclusion that Mum and Dad, first loves, were together forever. Afterwards I wandered a little visiting the stones marking the resting places of so many of my Dad's family and friends. Before we left Jana and I had a huge hug, silently, as if to remember that now Mum is gone the next generations are responsible for 'family' continuing.

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