Sunday, 26 October 2008

Special places..

It's Sunday evening and I've been wanting to add a little something, then I came upon this little pic and decided it was perfect... Treryn Castle taken from across Porthcurno bay. You get this view as you round the corner at the top of the hill on the way to St. Levan Church or the Minack Theatre.

I have loved this view since childhood, seeing it often, in both sun and storm, as we travelled to Church on a Sunday morning in the back of the George's carpenter's shop LandRover, often sitting quite uncomfortably on pieces of wood to be cut tomorrow!
My cousin Penny and Barry had their wedding reception at The Mariner's Lodge Hotel overlooking this view when I was a kid. I remember everyone made food and Neil gave Penny a rolling pin as a present outside church. I always promised myself I'd be married at St Levan and have my reception there, so it was nice to at least achieve half the dream when Colin and I married in 1992.

We got married in the second shoe-box on the left at the Penzance Registry Office (then located in St John's Hall... and being a weekday wedding we were not treated to a full event in the Magistrates Court... not that I would have wanted this as I had worked in probation and my main memory of the court was seeing people sent to prison from there !)

Needless to say we didn't have photos taken there so we headed off for the Minack and then our meal looking over this view. It really was a great day, simple and just what we wanted...and it IS lovely to think of the day when we go past every now and then.

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  1. Hi Kathy! It is so funny that I also have great memories on this spot and the Mariner Lodge. I remember the first time that I went in the Lodge it was for a meal was with your mom and Phil. I can still see Phil acting like Yasser Arafat (with the tablecloth) and enjoying his big nickerbokker glory glass filled with the darkest chocolate icecream. Later in 1982, when I took my mom and dad on their 25th aniversary to Cornwall, I remember my mom and dad loving the view and enjoying Cornish cream teas here.


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