Thursday, 6 November 2008

Guy Fawkes Night!

It was Rudi's idea, but as it was such a good night I shall claim the victory as my own!

I was in my element for most of the day, cooking and blending soups, making bread & butter pudding and sticky cake (oops! forgot to take it out on the night!)...Colin and the guys worked hard behind the scenes making everywhere safe and welcoming, I could hardly believe it when I finally got outside about 7pm to see fairy lights at the edge of the yard, all the tables and barbecue ready for the was really festive..

Most of the STS crowd turned out with desserts at the ready and it was lovely too to see friends from close by, so close by we rarely make the time to spend time together, Al and Kath and their families, and all those lovely girls they have created! Ross' friends too turned out and were good company as ever.

Jordan had speedily sorted the Guy (though I thought he looked more like Boy George in his Culture Club days!) Kate and Georgia carried him out and Zac and firestarter Simon made sure he got a good send-off! (the old fireproof overalls made sure he stayed visible for long enough for Jordan to get the great shots!)
Zac was in charge of fireworks and earned a round of applause following the spectacular final flurry of explosions, though John and Kath and a visit to Lidls really deserve the credit.

Soups, hot dogs and plenty of goodies kept everyone warmed and the weather once again did us proud...thanks everyone, See You Next Year?!!!


  1. Hey those sausages pics look great, ace photography all round to be honest!
    P.S shouldn't you be 'gran' if ur the girl's mother not a nan? or was that just how was brought up? lol
    Loving being part of your clan

  2. Blimey, makes my Guy Fawkes effort look positively puny!!


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