Sunday, 18 January 2015

Keeping up!

Well I have surprised myself, three posts this week I think.. it's all down to my new laptop. It's so good to be able to link to my work too, tidy up those lose ends in the quiet of the evening. 

I finally got the Christmas stuff away on Tuesday!

I am working up to having ten days away with Zac and Jordan, our baker girl. It's hard to spend quality time together with a busy manufacturing business happening in our back yard so away we go.. sun, sea, snorkeling and plenty of chat and relax time..not before time for poor Col who is suffering with a lost voice!

I have been trying to get sorted in my office and we also had a birthday this week.. our baby Annabelle is two years old. 

She is gorgeous little thing, the proper baby of the family and loved by all!  Jordan made her a bourbon and custard cream biscuit tower which was lovely, a good chance to try out some new ideas.

Lyla has caught Lilly's chicken pox but luckily they haven't been too poorly.. not like when I had them aged 9 and mum lost count trying to count the number on my feet!

.. or when Colin caught them just a month before I had Zac and ended up in Treliske Hospital as the docs thought he had got Malaria from his trip to Singapore where he had to go diving!

I had a change this weekend so I chose Nicoise Salad this time at Pizza Express. It was really very nice.. but I am guessing the dough balls to start will not have helped with calories. I really need to get more exercise, I eat better but do so little exercise (walk to the office and back again.. good job we have stairs in the house!) that it's quite hard to budge anything below the 10-10 I seem to have settled at in my hormone riddled 50s!

my boys


  1. Hope you have a lovely time away. That cake looks amazing! xx

  2. Have a great time away you all deserve it.
    My brother has his buisness in his home and it just takes over everything as he is never away from it. Like you they make sure they have a break when able x

    1. Thanks hon, it's been crazy the last 6 months but getting there.. we can employ more people soon and its moving into the field, I may even plant some trees between us and the building.. moveable though as we are bound to wish we hadn't if they are permanent!
      Sounds like you are having a very positive start to your year too xxx


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