Friday, 9 January 2015

Hello, good evening and welcome!

So this is it.. the rebirth of my blog habit.. perhaps? maybe? quite likely!
My dear blog friend Karen has been encouraging me the last week or so.. (for encourage read nag) but for the best of reasons! New year, new intentions.. and for me.. a new computer! Yay!

I think I lost some of my blog momentum a year or more ago when we changed our computer station in our kitchen, and then we changed the kitchen too, for goodness sake! We got a new swish house laptop but we didn't like it, all Windows 8 and swiping and losing pages left right and centre. Add to this that I no longer kept my pictures on the computer and took most of them on my phone and it was always easier to Facebook them instead of trying to Blog.. yes, Blogger is for sure not compatible with mobile upload.. well not for me.. maybe that's just a bad workman always blaming her tools!

so.. a new computer.. a new laptop for my work.. to free me up and access my 'stuff' when not in the office. Our clever pals at IT West have set me up so I can 'Teamview' my work station and do all the jobs, just not from there...Perfect for the control freak that I am who wants to still have days away but keep on top of things.. I may even be able to go away with Colin more .. watch this space..x

I have a good feeling about this..there is Bluetooth for pictures.. and ..and.. and..let me try it..since I last wrote properly here are a couple of pictures of our life and times..

August 2014.. Colin's Dad (Pops) turned 80 years old and we had a 'Travel' theme fancy dress, Uncle Bill and Deborah came from the USA and the sun shone.. boy we were busy!

The week after we went with the STS crew and Ross and Jordan to the MotoGP in Silverstone.  Zac had to leave before this, we dropped him at Heathrow and took the Pod to Terminal 5.

A really great guy at the Drivers Centre took us round the F1 centre and we go to stand on the F1 podium, all of it would have been impossible but for the fact we were at the motorbike racing and not the Formula 1.

STS do the F1 Podium!

In September Kate passed her driving test and three weeks later took herself off to live near Oxford with her boyfriend. She found it very hard to start with, and even now when she leaves, but she has got a job and plans for a future up there for a good few years yet!  We are proud of her, she is so young some days but brave and determined despite the difficult days.. like learning that your house doesn't clean itself..;-)
We managed amongst the busy-ness to get a few trips out on the boat, some great fishing (though the spoils are still in the freezer)

And we had a building ..or two.. built in the field..
Oh yes and we took this Selfie in Lanzarote!
and we stayed in a Oxford Prison hotel!


  1. Welcome back. Like you I had lost to blog habit, but enjoying now I'm back.

  2. Welcome back - me nag!!!!! no never lol. Great comeback post as well, certainly had a very busy year in 2014 - good one though. Looking forward to the next one now ;) xxx


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