Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Busy, busy..

Feeling guilty for not posting on Sunday, as has been the norm of late, especially as I was out shopping in Truro and met my cousin who is one of my readers..(hi Sarah, it was nice to see you and catch up!) I was thinking..Funny isn't it, how you have people you know and meet who you feel so much affinity with and who share the same history with you, but you never really take time out to meet properly and socially. Maybe we're all more comfy with the spontaneous meeting than a 'proper do..those fleeting conversations are like the top up you need and the spontaneity is almost part of it..(I'm starting to sound like Carrie in SITC now, asking myself and the imaginary, or even the real reader these deep and meaningful (?) questions..)

Anyways, back to the news... our pals Fran's and Leslie have been emailing, they're out in New Zealand on a camper van tour, they sound real chilled out even after the mega flights from Holland...about 23 hours I think!   Hopefully they'll post a few pics which will be worth seeing and there's a link on my favourite blogs to the right.

Work has been frantic, lots of work coming in and units going out. The guys (most of them bar the sane ones!) Are sporting moustaches for Movember. ..and some of them are reprimanding the others for sporting goaties or beards rather than true moustaches..who knows where they'll be by 30th and we have customers visiting that day..may be worth a photo?

Last weekend I did a sortie to Truro and knocked another lot of Christmas shopping on it's head, wrapping it up on Sunday, I am quite a smug ( for smug read 'not too stressed at the moment ) bunny!  Oh and I fed the cakes.. Pops has donated the last of his brandy for the cause and the cakes are smelling great and looking moist already.  Yesterday JB did some cookie baking for her pal's birthday and also tested out a nice fruit puff pastry dessert idea for Christmas.. so easy and looked and tasted Fab!

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  1. They look delicious. You really need to slow down and start to unwind before your holiday. x


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