Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Different Scream..

I often finish the day with some speed scrapping, and this is yesterday's offering Still with 'Scream' in mind Iused this for the title because it kind of describes Jordan's face.. and we won't mention my lack of motherly concern for her will we!  If you look closely you can see the cause for concern... Lisa has a mackeral threaded onto her finger and was surely enjoying the effect on her little sister!  

I can remember being really scared as a child, taken out in the boat on a fine Sunday and Dad catching a few mackeral which were put in the fishrooms;all that separated me from the crazy fish was a wooden seat.. I must have made my Mum and Dad wonder what kind of 'cove girl' they had on their hands, being so scared of the family bread and butter!

The photo was taken on a great little boat Colin had once, it was a former Dutch army vessel with an air cooled engine which shot an envelope of warm air up the gunnels and made a trip out all the more enjoyable in a cold wind!


  1. Love the layout and great story behind the photo.

  2. Great LO look as though you are having a great time


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