Monday, 12 January 2009


Well 2009 has got off well on the blogging front.. just when I thought I had dried up creatively I went scrapbooking at the weekend (and Linda says I smiled all day.. at least the default face was in a box this week!) and got half way through a lovely album of our Advent period, with loads of pics of pizza, shopping and a great trip to the Eden Project skating with Will & Michele on a visit from Baltimore!
.. but more of the scrapbooking later..

So about the Blog-itis...? Well, Col's Uncle Bill who has lived and raised his family in the States this past 40 years, is planning a trip with his 3 children, to the UK to discover and celebrate their roots..(oh, and his 70th birthday!) this end we have created a blog so we can swap ideas / dates/ loves & hates and get to know each other before we get together in the summer...I am excited already, any excuse to show them all my favourite places and follow it up with barbecued fish and a cream tea or two!
So Kate and Jordan have come along on the blog-mobile and I think Ross is wavering towrds compliance too.. to please his mommy! Only Zac and Lisa to go now,, and I know she reads this one, so pretty please???

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