Thursday, 15 May 2014

Spring field and drinks!

Well this evening was sunny but chilly and we had a walk round the building work. I was amazed at all the landscaping and digging out which has to be done. It is not just foots pace for two buildings it is gates and car parking area and lovely landscaped slopes which will be fantastic when all grassed.

Lisa and Tom came by and looked at it at the weekend and Lisa said my thoughts out loud..'What would Gran and Nan say?' It's so true..they were so supportive of our project, which back in 1997 was simply making a home for the 10 of us and surviving financially...supportive to the extent they lived in caravans whilst we did the house and converted barns for them.

Spring Field View
So this is my Spring view from below the containers.. and I will try and find the winter view to compare..I cannot imagine the summer and autumn changes.

Winter Field View
And as for drinks..well this is my lovely milky coffee .. my last drink before bed..

And this is my Thank Goodness It's Friday G&T. .yes I know it's Thursday but it IS the start of the weekend when you have had a busy week xx


  1. I think your landscaping will be wonderful when it is finished. It is no good we have to come to Cornwall next year.

  2. I like your photos!
    I wonder what kept these containers and euro pallets.
    Beer? It can not be paper.
    Let me guess ... your last drink before bed.. is a martini?

    1. We store engineering parts in the containers.. and things we do not need every day.. this is what we make . last drink..ummmm.. coffee .. of may on a special day 'Port' xx

  3. Oh, thank you very much - now I understood -
    this is a whole sentence, not two different things.
    Then it pictured left cold water with lemon?
    Perhaps this is / pictured left / cold water with lemon..
    Thanks for the link - I'm so curious..


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