Monday, 5 May 2014

Evening meal..

I should have taken a picture of our gorgeous tuna we had yesterday evening but the gins and wine made me a little forgetful...We did take a few pics of the day though. .oh and I just remembered the Cinnamon French Toast dessert..

..This evening we are travelling home and after a long queue amongst the Istanbul flight I was glad to sit in peace and quiet and enjoy a coffee. .When booking tickets the Club tickets were cheaper than the that out !?..frowns?! we got a pre flight snack in the special lounge!....sadly almost British Rail standard sandwiches but we were hungry.. and great coffee..x


  1. Your desert looks interesting. I might try that with some of my GF bread.
    The club seats being cheaper than the economy seats sound weird.

  2. Great post, dear KathiJo - Congratulations!
    Lot style and beauty!


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