Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Making the effort..

.. good attempts going on here to stop the winter rot (read SAD syndrome?) setting in, so Col and I have been swimming twice this week after work at St Ives.   We meet Ross there and get a few lengths under our belt. Kate came along today and not long before the whole brood gets in on the act! 

We're hoping it'll be good for Col's back, still suffering with too much office work and then a frenzy of manual work at weekends in the cold. As for me I'm fighting the usual tense neck, (the domain of most mums I reckon) but it's already feeling a bit easier to notch up a length.

Not sure whether going before or after tea is the right idea.... Monday we were a bit beached as we ate first, but tonight followed the exercise with a bag of Hoola Hoops and half a Boost bar each! (only half each.. could have been twice as bad eh?)   The lovely soup I had prepared (ala super-Mum mode whilst cooking tea yesterday) still found a good home when we got in... and no-one seemd worse for wear having a meal at 8.30pm either!

Lots going on in the office, big big job in the last stages of manufacture, for a nuclear fuels company... big piles of paperwork required..all for tomorrow,so it'll be early night and early start tomorrow.....what is a Life Time Quality Record Index anyways?

Hahaa,, looking for a pic to suit.. my last swim venue!... and if you look real close I'm sure you can see that despite evryone saying the kids all look like Col, these three DO look like me after all!

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