Sunday, 8 November 2009

Great job Ross! Here comes Christmas!!!

The eyes have it! My lovely Ross, his eyes are like mine and my Mum's, they show his heart and his I guess look out if you get a smile without them moving!

He's had a great couple of weeks, and I'm so proud of him. He got his Lifeguard qualification and yesterday he heard that he has passed his Higher Level Teaching Assistant so as promised he's added more to his CV and the world is his oyster! I know he has itchy feet sometimes, but so loving having him about. (not to mention the decorated bedroom, and the porch which he seems to have taken ownership of this w/e..) 

We had a laugh one day cos I have him on my mobile as my ICE (In Case of Emergency), I joke that he's the only one who has his phone strapped to his leg 24-7, but seriously I know we can always rely on each other I.C.E.!

Last bit of news for now, Col's Uncle Bill will be here with us for Christmas!! I think he is staying for about 2 weeks, to make the journey from Washington worthwhile... it will be soooo good, a few nice trips out to nostalgia-ville for us (well Penberth cliffs and Eden skating at least eh, Ross?).. and plenty of evenings putting the world to rights with the help of a bottle of wine and a late night snacking session! 

Dear Colin he always likes the idea of a dead relaxing Christmas, laid out in front of the TV, but it never happens, he gets busy on chores way too soon, and I end up spending ten days shuffling from one meal to another... needless to say I'll jump at any chance to make an event of the time off.. and Uncle Bill is the best reason I can imagine, and it will be especially nice for us to spend New Year together and quietly look back on the year .... how we have all lived and grown in the family, how we have loved and lost and learnt to live again...xxxx

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